Touring caravans can double floor, living, and storage space with the help of full-sized caravan awnings. The varied sizes and shapes of caravan awnings from the basic porch canopy to the full-sized awnings all help to add berths, shelter, bedroom annexes, and extra outside storage.

A lot of progressive changes have happened to the awning market since its first inception. Design concepts, materials, and the latest technologies have leveled up the awnings from the pitched roof and square-framed look of the past.

Knowing the different types of awning makes it possible for you to get the right one.

  • If you take longer stops during trips, the best awning to have is a full awning with removable side panels. The full awning will not only provide much-needed shade during frequent stops, but the removable side panels also make it easy work to put away when it’s time to go.
  • The whole side of the caravan can be easily covered by a full-size awning. However, they can be very heavy even when they provide the most space. A lighter and easier to handle option is with the porch awnings. However, the space they provide is also limited.


The popular awning material choices are cotton, acrylic or polyester. Yet, some awnings combine two materials to the sides and roof. The superior material that does not fade, shrink or rot is acrylic. However, they tend to condense and cost more.

Cotton is a “breathable” material but not as tough as acrylic. If breathability is what you want, going for polyester is a great option. The material “breathes” like cotton but more durable.



Choosing the awning colour depends on what you need it for. For instance, if the need is to set up an extra bedroom, the smartest choice would be a darker shade awning. The dark colour will make the extra bedroom light and airy.

More heat tends to be reflected with the light-coloured awnings. The lighter coloured awnings are best to use when you need more light and heat.



While more space is provided by traditional frames, their heavy weight and complexity of putting them up can be tough. The design of the awning frames has come a long way from the traditional heavy and bulky types.

There are awnings with flexible and lightweight frames. However, some of the areas of the awning can limit the headroom.

Probably the best awning frame to go for is the one with inflatable tubes. Their varied shapes from traditional square to round along with the inflatable tubes make them the easiest to put up.


Awning Maintenance and Care

  • Never pack your awning away when it is damp or wet if you want to avoid mildew. A well-aired and dry space is the best way to store awning.
  • The caravan should not be used to store the awning for it could become damp during winter.
  • The ideal place to store the awning would be the attic.
  • The best way to remove dirt and mud from the awning is to wait until it’s dry. Never use detergent to clean the awning.

Caravan awnings help to make road trips enjoyable and comfortable. However, the choice of caravan awning can make or break the trip. We are here to help. Contact us at Kakadu Caravan awnings.








All you need to know about caravan awnings

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