At Lightson, all our lighting services are done by certified technicians who are equipped with company vans. This means that whenever you make a call, they will take less time to arrive and work efficiently and effectively.

We provide regular services to ensure proper lighting to your area. This includes proper maintenanceto reduce system lighting costs.

On Call Management

This is a way we do provide our services door to door whenever we are called to do so. The client may call us during the day or night.

Group Relamping & Cleaning

These are ways of ensuringpreventive measures are in place, thereby keeping the appropriate costs and still have standardized lighting levels.

Far Placed Lightings

With the use of modern day tools, we can securely reach the far off placed lights. For example high ceiling lights, exhibitions, club lights,auditorium lights, and other unique regions.

Retrofits & Light Upgrading

We install new lights or renovate the existing lights to make them more effective and efficient. We do have the modern lights that reduce theimpact on the atmosphere, and also their operating costs are lower compared to traditional lights. We also do upgrading your lighting system.