Commercial and private properties in Brisbane having a lot of trees are considered good value. However, any tree-studded property in Brisbane can only increase its value when trees are well-placed and healthy-looking. Hiring a professional Brisbane arborist is the key to ensuring that trees on your property remain strong and disease-free.

Finding the best Brisbane arborist can be a challenging task. However, narrowing down the search means knowing the qualities that make a Brisbane arborist the best there is. Here’s how:


His credibility

The credibility of the arborist should be the first crucial step. An arborist that can show you an updated insurance certificate, work certificates, and work contracts right off the bat is a serious contender.

The current insurance coverage ensures liability on the part of the arborist for any injuries, accidents, or damages incurred during the project. A certification allowing the arborist to work near electrical wires, lines, and conductors is a must, too.

The references provided right off by an arborist signal a green light for his credibility. A reputable arborist will have no qualms in providing you with references from his past jobs.


His fees

The next thing that you need to discuss with a potential arborist is his fees. It would be great if he could provide a structured estimate showing all service charges. You can use the list to shop around their competition as a way to collect and select the one fitted to your budget.

However, going for the cheapest rate may also result in unsatisfactory work. Cheap is not the best option when it comes to getting the best in any service industry. A reasonable charge is a better option than choosing cheap labour.


His tools of the trade

Asking about the equipment an arborist will be using is only right. This is the right time as well to tell him about pieces of equipment or machinery not allowed on your property. A reputable arborist will explain the processes he will be doing to assure the safety of your lawn or outdoor space. A good arborist will perform his job while taking preventive measures to the flowerbeds and lawns of the property.


His timeline

The set timeline of the arborist is an important thing to consider. The timeline stated by the arborist will give you time to weigh the fees he’s charging for the specified time. Knowing the specific timeline set by the arborist allows you to see if his charges are reasonable for the time needed to finish the job.


His work practices

An arborist that uses spikes while he works on your trees is not worth your time. Spikes can wound trees, thereby compromising their overall health. This type of tree-climbing practice while on the job is abhorred by top arborists.

An excellent arborist will always practice protective measures while on the job. He will also have the right protective equipment and instruments to ensure that trees on your property are properly maintained and cared for.


His professionalism

The professionalism of an arborist can be gauged by visible cues. For instance, equipment should show good condition. The truck used by the arborist is another good indication of his professionalism. A professional arborist will show a truck that is in good condition and look like it receives the best care. All these aspects showing on a potential arborist ensure that protecting your property is his top consideration.

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Multiple ways to find the best Brisbane arborist

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